Training that enables in youth and children’s ministry for ChYP’s Ministry Leaders, Helpers, Workers, Pastors, Ministers, Volunteers, onlookers….

Please contact Murray at for any more information on each of our training topics. If there is anything we don’t offer that you would like to chat to us about and we could assist you on, please use the form below to request some training in your area.

Training Topics

This is an evolving list of possible training topics that is certainly not exhaustive but will hopefully give you some ideas for a starting point:

Whole Church, Faith Development, Discipleship – Mentor:Companion:Disciple Model, Made in the Image of God
Social Media & the Internet
Godly Play, Messy Church, Creative Prayer, Children & Communion
Starting Out, Youth Culture, Outreach
StoryTelling, Programming, Resources (using/writing)
Leading Groups, Challenging Behaviour, Mentoring, Young Leaders
Schools Work: how & why

Murray is always available to meet with new incumbents or curates – particularly curates who have been asked to take responsibility for ministry with children & young people and would like advice, support and/or training.

One thought on “TRAINING

  1. Please let me know about your training in storytelling as I am involved in a parent and toddler group and family worship at High Halden.

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