EMYP15 graphicThis unique opportunity for young Christians to make their way to Canterbury Cathedral to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, has been host to thousands of young people for four decades. Last year around 600 young people of all ages joined the pilgrimage; the EMYP Team hopes that you might consider joining us this year. Our aim for this year’s EMYP is to have something of an encounter with God together. To connect with God.
Tim Feak, the Under 30’s Officer for the Diocese of Asaph in North Wales, will be helping us with a fantastic technique he has been learning from Mark Yaconelli – one of the leading thinkers in Youth Ministry in our time!

All you need to know to organise your own pilgrimage is to be found in the EMYP15 ePack : a guide from the EMYP team, with associated best practice tips in the ‘Walk Safely guidlines’ and the Pilgrimage Route Guides.

Don’t forget to be a Green Pilgrim!

An A4 poster can be downloaded here

EMYP is first and foremost a worship experience that begins with the first step of your journey. A range of youth groups from near and far converge at Canterbury Cathedral to share together in that worship. After a break for lunch (please bring your own and remember not to eat in the Cathedral itself) we gather in the Cathedral Nave for opportunities to interact with our theme.

Youth groups are invited to join us in this annual pilgrimage – detailed information is available at the beginning of the year, but please get hold of Murray or Sarah if you have any queries!

There are four mini-pilgrimages allowing groups to walk in from the four points of the compass, although there are many groups who choose to walk in from further afield. Tenterden, Dover, Whitstable and Bearsted have all seen pilgrims setting off for the cathedral in recent years.

If there is anything that you feel you still need to know, please get hold of Sarah or Murray who will do their best to answer your query!

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/eastermondayyouthpilgrimage

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5 thoughts on “EMYP

  1. When will your epack be available as I want to put some information about emyp in our march parish magazine so I have to give them my article by 14th Feb?
    Thanks Sarah

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