Family Statistics from the Office of National Statistics – how are our churches reacting/responding?

Families and households, 2015
office-for-national-statistics-logoOffice for National Statistics
This statistical release gives estimates of families by type, including married and cohabiting couple families and lone parents. Tables on household size and household types are also provided. Headline findings include:
• there were 18.7 million families in the UK in 2015
• the most common family type was the married or civil partner couple family with or without dependent children at 12.5 million
• the cohabiting couple family continues to be the fastest growing family type in the UK, reaching 3.2 million cohabiting couple families
• in 2015 around 40% of young adults aged 15 to 34 in the UK were living with their parents
• there were 27.0 million households in the UK in 2015, 35% of all households were two person households
• there were 7.7 million people in UK households who were living alone.

 Published 5 November 2015

When your church thinks about ‘family ministry’ what kind of family are you imagining? Would your plans or vision change if you imagined a different type of family?

With more than a third of the 27 million UK households being 2-person families and another 7.7million living alone – how much of your ‘all-age worship’ would only be appropriate if children were present?

Does your church have any ideas or successes in bringing ALL types of family together, exploring being Fellow Pilgrims regardless of age, or family shape, or religious knowledge?

Please share any stories or thoughts in the comments below!


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