Godly Play in Canterbury Diocese – a chance to wonder…

GP RoomFor a long time now, I have been boring people rigid with the wonders of Godly Play (that was almost a joke, for which I apologise…)
I first attended a Godly Play taster day back in the last century, at Cambridge in the days when Trumpington Vicarage had the first GP room in the UK. It is firmly part of my role working for the Diocese as the Faith and Nurture Adviser, and a was a big part of my research and subsequent book – “Understanding Children, Understanding God” (just a little plug).
Godly Play has been bumping along in these parts for a good while, but I’m trying to focus and grow the work in churches as well as in schools, and anywhere else that GP can enable people to explore their spirituality as they explore the Christian story.

We have a Facebook page for all those who are doing Godly Play in Kent … which we share with Rochester diocese.
If you are doing Godly Play in any setting, get yourself there, as we’re using it to share hints and tips, as well as upcoming events. For those of you who have done the full 3 day Godly Play training, I’m hoping to arrange an Enrichment day in the near future. If you are interested in a taster, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.

But what we’re really keen on is encouraging both churches and schools to use GP regularly as part of what they do: So maybe you could come to some training with teachers from your community, or even host a training morning together with your school (or church respectively)? We have quite a few folk around the diocese who could lead the training for you, as well as Godly Play sets based here at Diocesan House. click here for a list

We are even playing with the idea of asking for a three day training course to be based in the diocese … watch this space.
I would love to hear about where Godly Play is happening in order to bring Godly Play-ers together for mutual support and encouragement – and the odd cup of tea!
So please do get in touch: rlamont@diocant.org


Posted by Ronni

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