Great news from Madagascar – update from #EMYP14’s chosen charity

Money raised from EMYP14 went to Northern Madagascar to help set up a school. Bishop Trevor recently sent us a progress report of the wonderful things that are happening in Nosy-Varika.IMG_20150626_100822

‘Bishop Trevor’ Anglican High School was opened for the school year 2014/15 with 96 students divided into two classes. They have been able to buy tables and black boards to help them with their studies and have been loaned sports equipment from a nearby town. The whole school takes part in sporting events, carnival feasts and the Independence Day march.

Many of the children that attend the school here have struggled in the past; many coming from poor families and not having had a school to go to. It is fantastic news that over 50% of the children that attend thisIMG_20150626_114053 school pass their Baccalaureate examination. They are currently in the process of building two new classrooms which they hope will be opened at the end of this year by their Bishop.

Your continuing prayers along with the extraordinary effort from the teachers and generous donations has given the children of Nosy-Varika a brighter future.






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