Halloween: an opportunity, a challenge or yet one more thing to worry about…

halloweenas the months and weeks roll on pasrt – our harvest festivals give way to All Saints Day and the (somewhat) controversial celebration of Halloween. Whether it is deemed “yet another American cultural invasion” or avoided for those who hate any form of dressing up, it seems to be here to stay – so here is a short list of some resources that might help your plans, planning or add an interesting twist!

My particular favourites are Beth Barnett’s post ‘Haunted by the Holy’ and a rather better exploration of ‘should Christians celebrate Halloween’ than I had hoped to write here by Rev. Gus Kelly.

Christians should celebrate Halloween – Rev. Gus Kelly provides an alternate view…

Halloween at Home (Faith in Homes)
Some Halloween Ideas (Barnabas site
Halloween Resources (Going for Growth) 
Alternative Halloween – Light Parties (SU UK) 
More Resources (Ministry Tools Resource Centre) 
All Hallow’s Eve – a brief history (Sharon Ely Pearson) 

Halloween for those haunted by the holy (Beth Barnett)  – a great post about bringing All Saints Day and Halloween together…

And finally…

Why not have a “super hero dress up party” on 1 Nov to All Saints Day … the saints being the superheroes of our faith… [HT to Rev Tracey of Davington & Ospringe who is hosting one this year!!]

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