“We are Family” research from the Methodist Church and CGMC

We are Family: the family ministries research project by The Methodist Church and the Consultative Group on Ministry among Children (CGMC) is now complete and has reported its findings.
The aim of the project has been to better understand:
• who engages in family ministry
• the type of activity this involves
• the availability of training and resources.

wearefamily familiesThe research suggests that family ministry and support is most effective when:
• There is a clear definition of what is meant by family ministry and support in a particular context or church.
• Family workers have a clear mandate for their role and are well equipped in terms of resources, awareness of needs
and training.
• Churches have a fully embedded family ethos, sharing the vision of what ‘family’ means in all senses for the church community and a commitment to support families in that local environment.

Challenges for the Church

(just a few questions from the booklet)

Finding 1: Understanding family ministry

Q. How could family work and ministry in your context become more inclusive of different kinds of family?

Finding 2: The spectrum of family ministry

Q. Which elements of family work are a priority in your church? Are they the right ones?

Finding 3: Issues in family ministry and support

Q. How does your whole church community come together for shared worship and conversation? What would need to change to make this happen?

Finding 4: Equipping for family ministry

Q. What structures does your church have to enable it to manage, support and train volunteers?

wearefamily sm

For more information, please download and read the following documents:
We Are Family Booklet
We Are Family Research Findings

[H/T Mary Hawes for tweeting from the recent conference]

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