#EMYP15 Charity Update; Vanuatu Appeal

Tearfund logo

In March 2o15 the islands of Vanuatu were hit by Cyclone Pam, destroying homes and livelihoods instantly in her path. It is estimated that around half of the 277,000 population were affected by the storm.

We donated half of this year’s EMYP collection through Tearfund to help this worthy cause

In the past six months:

  • Over 5,500 households have been reached; temporary shelters have been put up and homes and gardens re-built.
  • 2,000 Plant Material Kits have been provided to help replenish the destroyed land and crops
  • Training has been given to 250 people in food preservation

Thank you for all who donated.

Please continue to pray for those affected by the devastation that Cyclone Pam caused.Vanuatu Map

To find out more about the relief efforts in Vanuatu and all of the other worthwhile causes that Tearfund support please visit the following link:





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