ChYP’s Ministry Online

Welcome to the new look ChYP’s Ministry Blog – same stuff, new layout.
There are two important changes:
Firstly the new layout is intended to emphasize the blog posts content, making it easier to see new blogs and articles on a range of device types.
What’s that I hear you cry:
“but you hardly post anything anymore…”
You are right. The ChYP’s Ministry team have been rather silent of late. We are pledging to post more frequently!
The monthly ChYP’s Ministry eNews will be restarting towards the middle of September – hopefully with fewer technical problems!
We are hoping to rename it – any suggestions welcome!

Secondly, we have moved all the static information onto the Diocese of Canterbury’s website. Information about our events, training and resources will now be kept in one place. The ChYP’s Ministry page is now the central landing point for ministry with children and young people.

Lastly, the Whole Church site will continue as a separate website to continue to promote the Fellow Pilgrims conversations and hopefully begin to explore what it all might look like in real life!

Feedback and comments are always welcome!
ChYP's 4 Aspirations

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