Exciting news: a new post for the ChYP’s Ministry Team – Faith and Nurture Adviser

Faith & Nurture Adviser

ronni pub 2014 largeThe Children, Schools and Young People (CSY) Framework[1] of the Diocese of Canterbury have invited applications for the post of Faith and Nurture Adviser; a new, innovative post being created to support the development of an approach to ministry with children and young people across the traditional boundaries of church and school.

The new team member will be a specialist employed for this new and part-funded project. It is a creative endeavour; one that that brings together the ‘Going for Growth’ and ‘Church School of the Future’ reports in one connected job description. Our intention is to help resource the emergence and development of the conversation around Whole Church[2]; to open up a unique opportunity to support the integration of our focus on faith formation within schools, churches and families, whilst informing practice through funded post-graduate level research.

Please pray for us as we go through the recruitment process in the next few weeks.

[1] The Children, Schools and Young People (CSY) Framework within the Diocese of Canterbury is engaged in ministry with children and young people, whether in schools or parishes, and encompasses the work of the Canterbury Diocesan Board of Education (CDBE) and Children and Young People’s (ChYP’s) Ministry team.

[2] Through an exploration of faith development and formation theories, children’s spiritualty, generational theory and storytelling, we are also framing a new approach to the broader conversation about children and young people, which we are calling the Whole Church idea: www.wholechurch.org.uk


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