Digital Young People: a collection of studies…

digital-nativeThe phrase ‘digital native’ is often used to describe those who were born after the advent of the internet. These young people in our communities have only known a world where you could purchase one song at a time.

It is very possible that the shift from Generation X to the Millenials (sometimes called Generation Y) has been greater than any other Generation handover – with perhaps the exception of the BabyBoomers who grew up in a world devastated by War. The following links are for a couple of studies on the Millenial Generation – a digital-media usage study from OFCOM, a longitudinal study from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies:

OFcom: Digital Day 2014

Childhood in the 21st Century

Have a read or a browse through these – the graphs in the Ofcom report give a good overview! – but beware the inner voice that hurumphs and starts thinking that the world has gone mad. It is true. The world might very well have gone mad, but those who live and breathe technology and media don’t and probably can’t see it that way. Integrating humanity and technology is not a sign that the humanity has gone, or even lessened. It is simply a different way of interacting. No less real, no less meaningful, just different.

Murray is, as always, very happy to find time to talk through any of these ideas and their implications for ministry with children and young people in the church today!

PS these ideas are likely to feature prominently at the next open Diocesan Synod on 7th March. Save the date!

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