Homewood goes to Uganda 2014.

Nathan Wilson (Christian Schools Worker – aka ‘chaplain’ – at Homewood School) was one of the staff leading a Sixth Form trip to Uganda over half-term. Their story is beautifully captured in a blog that was updated throughout their time on African soil. Scroll through the entries and read just a few of their anecdotes to get a flavour of their experience: Homewood goes to Uganda 2014. A quote that really struck me from Thursday 23rd October

We asked him about his story and whether he was a farmer before. He explained to us that as a child he was abducted by the Lords Resistance Army and made to fight as a child soldier for 2 years before being rescued by Watoto, they looked after him and he had been to university to study a diploma in crop rotation and management and was now managing this farm for Watoto. As he told us his story everyone on the bus was emotional- Watoto do such an amazing work in Uganda. If you, reading this blog, don’t sponsor a child already with any organisation let me encourage you to do so- it is a way that you can change a life in another part of the world for a small amount of money a month. This boy turned man may not have had a future if he hadn’t been rescued by Watoto and he is now managing a large farm providing sustainability to the project which he benefited from.

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