A little bit of silence in children’s ministry?

A great little blog from The Diocese of London Children’s Ministry

A little bit of silence… would that possible in your children’s groups? It’s easy to think that it’d never work – children are noisy, boisterous, giggly, physical and full of energy! However, a short time of quiet can be a great addition to your sessions, and help children connect with God in new and powerful ways. Here are some ideas:

• Use music. Now this seems a bit counter-intuitive when we’re talking about quiet, but reflective instrumental music is a great tool to help children calm down and focus on God. Play the music and encourage children to talk to God in their heads.
• Create silent spaces. Help each child create their own retreat space from blankets, tables, chairs… whatever you have lying around that you can (safely!) use to build individual spaces. Give children the chance to spend some time alone with God in their space.
• Just lie down! Ask children to find a space where they feel comfortable (you might want to provide cushions or blankets), then encourage them to listen to God. Inevitably, there will be some initial silliness, but as they get used to it, children will engage more and more.


posted by Gemma Traquair

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