“You are here!” the most detailed map yet of our place in the universe

cover_natureThis week’s edition of Nature (the international weekly journal of science) is showcasing a report on our place in the universe as their cover article. A team from the University of Hawaii have produced some fantastic images of a super cluster of galaxies (yes, this is rather science-y) that includes our very own Milky Way. The reason I thought this might be useful and not just ‘interesting’ is the name they have chosen for this supercluster: Laniakea. A Hawaiian work that means ‘immeasurable heavens’.

Whether you are looking at creation, God’s world or that youth group favourite: “is God up?” – have a look at this 4 minute video or show some of the stills from that video found here to get young minds wondering at the vast scale of our universe and God’s creative imagination. It would make a fantastic worship opener, a bit different perhaps, but it certainly ticks the ‘awe and wonder’ box for me!

Here is the video:

posted by Murray

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