Four Ways That Children Do Faith Better Than Adults

gods politicsStephen Mattson writes about four spiritual things kids do better than adults in a blog from sojourners

They Ask Questions– Nobody asks more — or better — questions than children. “Who?” “What?” “Where?” “When?” and “Why?” are expressions patented by kids everywhere.

They’re Honest– Nobody is more truthful than children — often brutally so. They don’t put on a facade or pretend everything is OK. If something is wrong — they’ll tell you.

They’re Passionate and Excited– Kids remind us just how awesome God is. Children marvel at the magnificence, mystery, and wonder of God. They scream, yell, dance, and gleefully cheer about God — they’re utterly fascinated.

They’re Adventurous– Kids bravely do things nobody else would dare attempt. They’re experts at making nearly everything breakable, dangerous, and hazardous. They foolishly jump, ran, dive, roll, crawl, swim, fly, fall, and boldly go where none have gone before.

To read the full article click here

[HT to Chris Barnett for the link]

posted by Gemma Traquair

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