The holiday club afterlife

4F77C0DF-88E6-4C4F-809CFE0B05F053A5_pagebannerAlex Taylor from The Diocese of London reflects on what comes next after holiday clubs.

It’s July, and if you’re doing a holiday club this summer, it might only be days away. You’ve probably been planning for months: gathering together volunteers, assigning people roles, collecting materials for construction and games, going through the DBS process, risk assessing your venue, casting the vision to your congregation, buying the vats of squash and the mountain of biscuits needed… The list of preparation is long and arduous, but the holiday club itself will be worth it.

Often a holiday club is the biggest outreach a church (or group of churches) does with children. It’s a prime time for children and families to meet Jesus for the very first time. It’s an excellent way of getting new volunteers involved in children’s work. It’s a significant moment in the discipleship of children already part of your community. But what comes next?

posted by Gemma Traquair

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