9 Signs you’re not ready to hire a youth minister

not ready

Here is a fantastic list to help churches evaluate *why* they are looking to develop ministry with young people.
It is from an American context, so please translate as you go: $1,000 is about £700 and for ‘cleric’ think ‘incumbent’.
The article is also aimed at those thinking about employing someone but I think there are some strong challenges for any church who is looking to ministry with children and young people as the last great hope.

The best motivation for developing your ministry with children and young people is a passion to see children and young people exploring and developing their faith.

Here are my favourite 5 (of course I had to add #9) – but please do head on over to the original article for the meatier version!
1. There is no long-term congregational development plan or, worse, hiring a youth minister is your long term plan
4. You have enough funding for salary (more than minimum wage, even) but not program
7. You expect young people to fit seamlessly into your way of doing things
8. You think your worship is just fine and doesn’t need to change
9. You have not consulted with wider church youth ministry structures

[HT as ever to MaryH for the link!]
posted by Murray



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