Thinking about discussing WW1 with children?

penny worth of peppermintsHere is a review (from a 7 ¾ year old) of A Pennyworth of Peppermints, a Christian book for 7-10 year olds focussing on World War 1, from Dernier Publishing.

Here is my book review which I told mummy who typed it.
A Pennyworth of Peppermints by Mary Weeks Millard

When I was reading this book, it felt like I was actually in the story! I like how it is a fiction book, but it still has a glossary. The glossary was really interesting because you could find out about words from the war for example “ration”. Every time we got to a word we didn’t know I asked my mummy who said “let’s look in the glossary.”

I really liked how they had slates at school and it made me realise how lucky we are because they had to grow their own food and didn’t have many toys or books. The bible was Ben’s first ever book!

I really liked the rhyme “Count your blessings” too.

I was quite scared that Ben was going to get lost in London after the Zeppelin raid. I was relieved when he found Molly and David.

The story is amazing because I’m learning about the war at school and there are even recipes in the book.

By Grace Townsend age 7 and 3 quarters.

Other useful resources include

rootsROOTs on the web All Age ideas on the ROOTS website for commemorating the outbreak of WW1. Free PDF download.


Going for growth There’s a downloadable sheet of websites and resources to commemorate World War 1 on the G4G site under Remembrance.
Poppy field

[HT to Mary Hawes]

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