#EMYP14: looking back – A summary of the day

EMYP14EMYP14 took place on the very sunny 21st April and was attended by over 500 young people of all ages. The theme for this year was More Than Words as we wanted to encourage everyone to think about living out the words that we read in the bible. To help us do that we introduced the concept of creative worship stations as a part of our time of worship together. These were run by some amazing volunteers, organisations and various charities including Canterbury Street Pastors, The Canterbury Food Bank, Porchlight and Christian Aid. The worship stations allowed us to challenge ourselves and think about the world around us and how our actions can help to make a difference. We felt that the worship stations were a great success and a format that we will repeat at future events.

In a change from previous years once pilgrims reached the Cathedral they went straight to lunch in the cloisters after a short welcome from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Dover. We heard many people say that they preferred this as after a long walk it is nice to relax and eat. As usual this year we had mini pilgrimages setting off from Patrixbourne, Chartham, Sturry and Harbledown, with other groups making their way independently from various locations. This year the pilgrimages had a stronger international flavour as they were joined by a large groups of French, American and Dutch young people.

After the creative worship stations we entered a time of sung worship and reflection. The band from St. Mary Bredin led by Luke helped us to worship together and then Sam from the EMYP Team read James 2 14-18. Archbishop Justin spoke powerfully and personally on the theme of being More than Words, leaving us with the hope that we do not have to do this all on our own: Christ has gifted us with the church to be More than Words together.

The money raised from our retiring collection this year will help to build a primary school in Ampahomanita parish in the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. We raised a total of £2824.38. Thank you all for your kind generosity!

As always EMYP cannot happen without the huge amount of support and help that we receive. Thank you so much to all of you who came as pilgrims, to the EMYP Team, those helping with refreshments and stewarding on the day as well as to our creative worship station leaders.
We hope that you enjoyed the event and that we will see you at #EMYP15!

For photographs of the day click here

posted by Gemma Traquair

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