EMYP 2014: The countdown begins

Plan are now well underway for this years EMYP 2014 taking place on the 21st April. For those of you who may not be aware the Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage has been running for 41 years. The colourful and high spirited Pilgrimage provides a unique opportunity for young Christians to make their way from across the region to the Cathedral to celebrate the Easter story and to explore our journey of faith; with a particular emphasis in 2014 on being >WORDS [“More than Words”].
Last year around 600 young people of all ages joined the pilgrimage; the EMYP Team hopes that you might consider joining us this year!

All you need to know to organise your own pilgrimage is to be found in the EMYP14 ePack : a guide from the EMYP team, with associated best practice tips in the ‘Walk Safely guidlines’ and the Route Guides.

The ePack and publicity material is now available for download: ePack and A4 Poster.

Keep up to date with the latest developments and find out how you can take part by looking at the EMYP page on this blog, Facebook and Twitter

morethanwords ePack

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