Online school resource websites get facelifts!

In the last few weeks two great resource websites for schools work have undergone big redesigns and they are looking great!

The first is which is a fantastic and comprehensive source for school assemblies provided by SPCK. The website organises its assemblies by Primary and Secondary and you can also search the whole selection using key words. An essential online tool for teachers and anybody else who gives assemblies out regularly. They have also published several helpful resource books which are available to buy on their website too!
Follow them on Twitter @assemblyeditor

Secondly, the website for Re:quest, the YFC initiative for Religious Education in schools, has undergone a big overhaul this week. Each summary of a topic includes resources and questions and is sorted by key themes making it incredibly easy to use. There are a vast number of posts on there to look through so we would recommend that anybody involved in some sort of work in schools, teachers or otherwise, should give it a look!
Follow them on Twitter @REquestUK

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