GAMES that work: Ping Pong inna Cup

Here is a great game idea from Diocese of London’s Children’s Ministry Newsletter from a few months back:

That Works

Many groups have a game that achieves legendary status; that the children want to play every week. At Barnsbury it’s ‘the blanket game’ in a group I led in the North East it was ‘the badger game’ but I’m going to share Kev Draper’s game that he showed us at the Northwood Academy Basics course. It’s a really good one as it can be played with a few kids and then expanded. This makes it a good opening game to have on the go for when children are arriving if your group arrives in dribs and drabs.
All you need is a polystyrene cup per child and one ping pong ball and all the children have to do is bounce the ball to each other and see if they can catch it in their cup, which is harder than it looks but not impossible! 

[HT to Sam Donoghue for the idea nicked from his Newsletter!]

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