The ChYP’s Ministry Library subscribes to a number of periodical resources including Roots Magazine. We hold more than two year’s worth of Roots materials, which are available to browse or borrow.
Here are some highlights from Roots for the coming months:

Spiritual Styles
In an exclusive six-part series for ROOTS, Canadian theologian Dave Csinos explores the variety of ways in which people experience God and make sense of the world around them. Plus practical guidance for leaders on how to take account of different spiritual preferences when planning services and group sessions.
All the articles are available to subscribers, but you can read the first article for free here.

Something for the summer
As well as weekly material, subscribers also have unlimited access to over ten years’ worth of seasonal resources. But if you’re looking for summer resources, how about trying out our all-age service and holiday club material for free?
a ‘Safari service’ for all ages
children’s holiday club: ‘We’re going on a journey’

Try ROOTS for yourself
Find out how ROOTS could support your work.
For a free sample copy, phone 0845 680 5317, or email
Subscriptions and single copy purchase also available online at

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