Copyright ERB_ImagesAnother Easter Weekend has passed once more, and with it another Easter Monday Youth Pilgrimage. EMYP 2013 celebrated 40 years of this incredible event that has taken many shapes and forms over the years. The last few have been characterised by good music, sharing stories and something of our journey with God together, meeting new people and enjoying the Cathedral as a place of worship and community for our Diocese.

A handful of my highlights from EMYP 2013:

Copyright ERB_Images* Joining 600 odd young people (of all ages!) in worshipping God in this ancient place of worship
* Bishop Trevor’s enthusiastic welcome for our friends from the Diocese of Arras in France and our new friends from Ontario, Canada.
* The welcome that our gathered group was able to give to Archbishop Justin and Nathan’s most excellent interview of our new Archbishop [left]
* Hearing from pilgrims from the early 1970’s and some who have been making this annual pilgrimage over the last few years.
* The atmosphere in the Chapter House during lunch as community formed over food
* Being challenged by @Rev_PhilG to be shiny people – Phil 2:12-18 [below]
* Lastly – being able to wander around during the whole day as an extraordinary EMYP Team organised, sorted out, set out and cleared up a Cathedral’s worth of stuff. They are the heroes of the hour!

EMYP will be back on the 21 April 2014!

Copyright ERB_Images

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