LENT: text prayers for (& by) children & young people

Ready To Send!

Methodist Children and Youth are very excited to announce that we have just launched a brand new initiative!

This Lent we are hoping that children and young people will sign up to receive a prayer via a text to their mobiles every day. These prayers have been written by children and young people in Methodist Churches and projects across the country, as well as at 3Generate. The prayers are about things that matter to them. (Big thanks to all those who have sent in prayers to us over the last few weeks!)

Please encourage the children and young people in your churches and groups to text LENT to 66777 to receive these prayers. (This initial text is charged at standard network rate, but it is free to receive the prayers which will be sent to phones automatically each day.)

A fantastic, unique opportunity for our children and young people to join together in prayer over the period of Lent!

Don’t delay, text 66777 today!

[another HT to Mary Hawes for keeping us informed!!]

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