RESOURCES: Messy Church 3 available in November

Lucy Moore is particularly pleased that Messy Church 3 comes out in November.

‘I really enjoyed writing this book and trying out all the activities in our Messy Church – though whether we’ll ever be forgiven for the Fruit Trebuchet is another matter. I hope you like the introduction – I took bundles of emails that came into the website with different queries and issues and imagined they’d all come from the same church over a period of years. Then I wrote three letters to that imaginary church at the outset of their Messy adventure, a little while in and after five years. I got very fond of the characters by the time I’d finished and I hope you’ll enjoy them too – particularly Horace Ramsbotham, the church treasurer. They face a lot of the issues many of us face, just slightly more maniacally. Fifteen sessions to plunder and lots of take-home ideas… plenty to enjoy before the new magazine Get Messy! comes out next March!’

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