Student Linkup

Each year thousands of young people leave our churches to head to university.  Currently, 73% of Christian students don’t join churches when they get there.  I work for Fusion helping local churches prepare young people for university and connecting them to churches in their new uni towns.  We’re connected to nearly 700 churches across the UK.

Our Student Linkup service passes the email addresses of Christian school leavers to churches in their new uni towns so that those churches can get in touch before the students even leave home.  We also introduce them to other Christian freshers who sign up.  Over 80% of young people who used Student Linkup last year found churches at university.

There will be school leavers in churches in the Canterbury Diocese who may be the only one from their church going to university.  We want to help them to find a church and not slip through the net over this vital transition.  If you could direct your young people to we will help them find churches and other Christian students at uni.

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