Online Resources: The Source for Youth Ministry

One of my favourite resources is the Source for Youth Ministry website.

there are ‘tons of free resources’ for youth ministry but much is easily adaptable for use with younger children too. I regularly return to their ‘Games & Icebreakers‘ custom search tool.

all your games and/or icebreaker needs are in one place… from messy games designed to get the gross-reflex going through to your ’round-the-circle’ icebreakers good for getting groups to relax with each other (brilliant for meetings with volunteers too!! 10pts if you get any used at PCC…)

The only down side is that due to the vast success of this collection over the years there is a rather large number of games and variations on common games, so take some time and have a browse. If there are any that work particularly well (or not as it goes) do leave a comment on this post … if anyone would like to share their ‘games & icebreakers’ experiences (good or bad) let me know and I will be happy to post it on the blog.

Make sure to look up Ultimate Octopus (previously known as Ultimate Ultimate Frisbee) before you leave The Source 4 YM …

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