Resources: Get Ready Go! from SU

This quarter we have three new resources to recommend:

This quarter we would like to recommend one of our established resources, Get Ready Go! Although it seems early, parents will soon be finding out which school their child will be attending and then the excitement begins as the family prepare for this big step. Churches can offer support at this time and Get Ready Go! would be really helpful. Starting school is a big milestone in a small child’s life, and this little book has proven to help ease the worries and anxieties most of them face. The children’s book uses clear, simple language, enhanced with colourful artwork to describe situations children might meet in school. A pocket inside the cover holds the parents’ book which addresses concerns many parents face when their child starts school, and includes quotes from parents who have already been there. Great for the young children you know who are about to start to school, whether individuals, your toddler group leavers or the new reception/nursery class at your local school.

Available for £2.99 each or £10.00 for a pack of five.

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