ChYP’s Ministry Seed-Grant

The Board of Education is now able to offer a one-off seed grant to further the objectives of the Children, Schools and Young People Framework.

 Applications are invited for funding for projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Open to Parishes, benefices and deaneries within the Diocese of Canterbury
  • Applicants must demonstrate that the proposed projects fulfil the objectives of the Children, Schools & Young People Framework* within the Diocese of Canterbury and
  • That their project links to the Children & Young People’s aspect of their Deanery Planning
  • Applications will normally be awarded for amounts up to £1000, but applications for amounts up to £5000 will be considered.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the viability and sustainability of the proposed project
  • Grants are awarded on condition that a timely review process is agreed with the ChYP’s Ministry Team

Click here to download the Application form and click here for the criteria (as listed above)

Deadline for applications is 20 April 2012.

The ChYP’s Ministry Seed-Grant Scheme panel will aim to decide on all applications by the end of April 2012. We anticipate receiving more applications than we would hope to award: applications will be decided at the panel’s discretion.

*Objectives of the CSY Framework:

  1. To ensure that children and young people are at the heart of the Diocese’s mission, with every Framework, Deanery and Parish being committed to:
    1. work towards every child and young person having a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ
    2. promote and facilitate Deanery strategy plans which enable discipleship for all ages
    3. promote relevant worship which feeds that discipleship
    4. give space and listen to the voices of children and young people, actively seeking their knowledge and insight and taking these implications seriously
  2. To ensure the effectiveness of Church of England schools in the diocese
  3. To maximise opportunities for the Diocese’s involvement in education
  4. To support and develop quality RE and Collective worship in all schools
  5. To offer a Christian vision for education and secure high quality Christian leadership for Church of England Schools

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