Resource ideas for Confirmation Preparation

Here are some ideas for videos or DVD’s to help lead a confirmation preparation group for teens:
[HT to the DYO list for the help…]

There are a series of short DVD’s (11minutes each) called the Nooma series by an American church leader Rob Bell. There are 24 different discs each covering a separate topic. I have only seen a handful of them but they are truly brilliant and my fave video resource in most settings. They are best suited to the 15+ age group though.
Youth Alpha which is the teenage version of Alpha run through Holy Trinity Brompton moved to providing some multi-media resources a few years back and it is all freely available on their website. They have a distinct Alpha feel to them in that they fall into the regular topics in the Alpha brand.
Youth Alpha Vox Pops
This is a strong evangelical approach to delivering the gospel in 7 episodes. I haven’t seen it but the website has a good outline of what is involved.
Soul DVD

I would also highly recommend two books (written by two different friends who are or were Diocesan Youth Officers):
“Reconnecting with Confirmation”
by Pete Maidment and Susi Mapledoram has just been published.
This is very helpful in setting up the confirmation preparation process, with a view to a deeper more effective experience.
more info
“Moving images, Changing Lives: exploring the Christian life and confirmation with young people through film”
by Phil Greig and Sarah Brush. This is an eleven session confirmation course that uses the cinema experience (including a recommended film clip) to deliver confirmation prep – this is my preferred method of small group with teenagers so this would be my personal default (not least because I got a mention in the acknowledgments!! hehe).
more info

Hopefully those are some ideas to get you started – please let me know if you would like any more info.
I have twoalmost complete set of the Nooma DVD’s as part of our Diocesan resources which are available for lending…

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