Children’s Ministry Resources

An amazing piece of work by Portsmouth Diocesan Youth & Children’s Work Adviser collating all the best Children’s Ministry Teaching Resources:

I’ve copy and paste it (thanks Ben!) click here to surf back to Portsmouth’s Youth & Children’s Work site (for more good things!)

There are many different programmes available to buy for use in your group, either on a Sunday or midweek.

The different programmes all offer a variety of styles and approaches to teaching the bible and faith.

When choosing your programme think carefully about the needs of your group, children and leaders. Ensure you have looked into what the programme offers and evaluated its strengths and weaknesses. Talk to others who use the material. Don’t be afraid to try new materials! Many of the publishers will send out a free sample pack to let you see the material and try it before you buy!

Visit these sites to find out more about materials which are available, the links will take you out of our website:


Roots is a lectionary-based resource, offering a wealth of material to support weekly worship and learning of the whole Church community. It consists of two bi-monthly magazines for leaders – Roots Worship and Roots Children and Young People – supported by a website. The Roots Children and Young People magazine provides flexible ‘pick and mix’ material for leaders of the 3-14 age group from which they can select and adapt relevant material for the range of ages and time available. It contains background notes on the readings, specially-written versions of the passages which children will understand, ideas for linked craftwork and activities, prayers, and ways to connect the bible teaching with children’s lives.


Light is Scripture Union’s Bible based learning resources which succeeded SALT Sunday school materials. The new range includes Bubbles for under 5s, Splash! for 5 to 8s, Xstream for 8 to 11s, theGRID for 11 to 14s and Light Years for all age worship. The Light range includes CD-ROM audio visual resources, a Bible Timeline and specially written songs and music for worship. Light is ideal for use with junior church on Sundays, in midweek Christian groups, at youth clubs, and with children’s prayer groups. Church ministers will find Light meets their needs as a preaching, teaching and learning resource, helpful for running youth cell groups and celebrations.

Seasons of the Spirit

Seasons of the Spirit curriculum, a lectionary-based resource is created by publishers and denominational partners in four countries. Seasons of the Spirit is unique. More than a curriculum – it’s a resource for your whole congregation. The vision is to provide God’s people with lectionary-based, ecumenical resources that empower all ages to be transformed in Christ as they: explore meaning and mystery in the Bible; celebrate in worship, sacraments, education, and service; engage in ministries of love, justice, and witness; and live in inclusive communities of faith, shaped and led by the Holy Spirit.

Children’s Ministry

TotZone , MiniZone , KidZone and Y-Zone form the Children’s Ministry Teaching Programme, which is the Bible-centred, age-appropriate teaching programme that will help you disciple a new generation.

Go Teach

Go Teach publishes teachers’ guides with accompanying visual aids and children’s activity sheets in four age groups: 3s-4s (Beginners), 5s-7s (Primaries), 8s-11s (Juniors) and 12s-14s (Young Teens).They also publishes other undated visual aids and material to assist in teaching the Bible and organises an annual Scripture exam for 8s-14+ and for teachers.


There are four distinct age groups with carefully tailored material for each.

Key elements of Powersource include Pastoral and Response Times underpin Christian growth. Pastoral Time is one of the Powersource ‘essentials’. Leaders are encouraged to spend time with children building pastoral relationships, as children need to be nurtured as well as taught. This is especially true if leaders are part of a rota, and thus only seeing the children periodically. Pastoral Time involves talking with the children, getting to know them – and letting them get to know the leader. Activities are suggested to help the process.Only two issues of Power Source were published and it was not continued to go into a second year of material, both Issue One and Issue Two are still readily available.

Godly Play

Information on the highly popular and engaging way of enabling children to enter bible stories and to experience them themselves.


Searchlights is the new range of Sunday group material from the publishers Kevin Mayhew. As with the Living Stones series from the same publisher (by Susan Sayers) there are age-group books for 3-5s, 6-10s & 11+, ands a ‘Complete Resource Book’ which contains all the material from the other books (except worksheets) along with suggestions for worship.
Searchlights follows the Common Worship Lectionary, and each week there are suggestions for activities, an idea for prayer, teaching material and a photocopiable worksheet. There are also suggestions for songs, and a separate CD set with the songs on can also be purchased.

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