National Family Week: Mon 30 May – Sun 05 June

National Family Week 2011 will take place from Monday 30 May – Sunday 5 June and aims to be bigger and better, engaging with thousands of families nationwide.

Get involved…
Why not be a part of National Family Week 2011 and organise family-friendly events and activities for families in your local community. Your church can use The Week to showcase your work – how you support families, offer activities and services for families, or engage in other ways in the promotion of family life. Your Family Week activities can double up as a fundraising event for a Parish project, be used to publicise your work, or to simply have fun!

Exactly what type of activity or event is entirely up to you and these events can take place at any time during the week. We’ve created some themes to help get you started; these are Family Food, Family Learning, Family Environment, Family Safety and Family Health & Fitness. Click here to download the Faith Group Ideas Sheet to find out more.

Free promotion
Register your involvement online and benefit from free promotion through the Event Finder, as well as access to free branded merchandise such as posters, balloons, stickers and voucher booklets to help make your events all the more special. For further information on National Family Week, ideas, theme toolkits and other resources to support your involvement, please register for the Partner Zone.

Promote The Week
Please promote National Family Week through your marketing materials telling people about The Week – and any events you’re running at that time too (if applicable). We can provide you with editorial copy, website banners etc or you could simply direct people to our website

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